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A mini....water softener!


Yes, our SoftBlue Mini water softener really is LESS than the height of an original Mini tyre!

At just 17½” high and just an incredible 10” wide, it will usually fit in the tiniest of spaces. And get this…you don’t even need a power supply! The SoftBlue is battery operated (though we can supply a mains-power version for the same price).


And the best bit…it’s just £495 – delivered FREE!


Dimensions: H: 448mm. W: 225mm. D: 440mm. The SoftBlue is primarily for a 2-person home, but will stretch to three people at a push. If in doubt, contact us and we’ll have a chat. It uses just 1kg of salt per generation, has a full digital display, and meters your use of water.  It’s so cute, you’ll love it! The SoftBlue comes with a free fitting kit for easy DIY fitting, and you’ll have our help all the way.


Stop limescale, now - enjoy the fantastic luxury of soft water


To purchase, just email us on info@scalgon.co.uk


See our full range of water softeners and limescale inhibitors at www.scalgon.co.uk



Made in Britain